How we became Really Serious

In January 2015, Yifat and I made our first game jam project together: Gothic Forklift Invasion.

Screenshot of Gothic Forklift Invasion, at Global Game Jam 2015

It was terrible.

Both of us had made games in the past, and previously made successful game jam projects. But for a variety of reasons -- especially my inexperience with Unity at that point -- we failed completely.

It didn't break us though, so later that year we tried again.

This time, Yifat had an idea for something semi-autobiographical: A narrative game based on her experiences in the army.

And so, at TOJam 2015, we made the first version of Real Army Simulator using Game Maker: Studio.

Real Army Simulator in development at TOJam 2015, comparing placeholder art with final art

Something clicked for us that weekend, and we continued to develop RAS and exhibit it at events in Canada and the US.

Of course we also continued to experiment at other game jams... In January 2016 we tried making a mobile game about extracting butter from cows by spinning them really fast.

Screenshot of And Lo, They Shall Cry Butter, at Global Game Jam 2016

In time though, we came to realize that we really like telling personal stories. The upcoming final version of Real Army Simulator will be our first published game as a company. (I'll post another time about some of the technical changes over the years.)

Once RAS is out the door, our next project is a narrative adventure game about gentrification, living in Toronto, and... mattresses? We'll have concept art to share soon!

- Derek